SOPIRET, a multi-component rural-based NGO, was established in 1985. It has been implementing a number of development programs, namely. Essential Service Package with special emphasis on reproductive health and population, Education & Micro Finance, with a view to contributing to the development process in Bangladesh to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

In 1985 SOPIRET initiated Community based Family Planning Services (CBFPS) covering 20 Unions in Lakshmipur Sadar and Ramgonj Upazila, with the financial and Technical Assistance from Family Planning International Assistance (FPIA). Pathfinder International replaced FPIA as a donor of the program since April 1993. In September 1997 SOPIRET introduced a clinic-based Rural Service Delivery Project (RSDP) with the objective of providing Essential Services Package (ESP) through 8 static clinics, 298 Satellite Clinic, and 304 Depot holders in eight Upazilas of Lakshmipur, Chandpur and Comilla Districts. The Rural Service Delivery Program has phased out as of 30 June. The NGO Service Delivery Program (NSDP) is providing the ESP service since 01 July 2002. Read More…

Professor Md. Mosleh-Uddin

Founder & Executive Director

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