To improve the quality of life of the people in Bangladesh through the implementation of health, poverty reduction, and education programs.


To improve the quality of life of the people by providing quality reproductive health care services, education and income generating activities to bring economic solvency of the families in need.


To promote healthcare, nutrition, education and skill development, micro-credit and micro enterprises development, income generation, and poverty reduction, and environmental improvements.

Our Objectives

To assist disadvantaged families to reduce school drop-outs of their children. To raise health awareness and receive timely health services. To organize disadvantaged people in groups (samities) to improve their socio-economic status. To give priority to the women to involve them directly in production-related activities to add additional income to the family. To raise the habit of savings among the disadvantaged people. To bring leadership among the disadvantaged people by raising awareness among them. To save the environment by assisting in social forestry. To give credit in soft terms to the disaster affected people for their rehabilitation. To give seasonal loans to needy farmers to assist in their agricultural activities. To give seasonal loans to the needy for cattle rearing to improve their economic status. To assist in improving the socio-economic status of people in the community by raising their awareness on the proper use of time, knowledge, and assets. To develop entrepreneurship among disadvantaged people through education, training, and self-employment.